Recent Actions (within the past 60 Days)

This is a listing of disciplinary actions against individuals or facilities licensed by the Department of Health to provide healthcare. Actions that are under investigation are not included in this database.

Type Name Sanction License
Physician Rintels, Peter, MD Reprimand 2018-01-10 MD07910
Physician Chronley, David, MD Reprimand 2018-01-10 MD04859
Physician DiSanto, Vinson Reprimand 2018-01-10 DO00677
Physician Assistant Mallari, Paul Reprimand 2018-01-09 PA00270
Physician Gilson, Irving, MD Reprimand 2017-12-13 MD03444
Dentist Barner, Gregory Probation 2017-12-06 DEN03135
Medication Aide Smith, Emma Surrendered 2017-12-01 MAD01165